Tour overview

The Course

A garment which is born from an idea developed through a project and for a future fashion designer the following are fundamental the evolution of its personal style and technical knowledge.
The Academy Program includes both aspect!
The School promotes the student’s work through the participation in fashion show and international exhibitions.
During the course there will be many disucssion on subjects like history, textiles and analysis of marketplaces.
An important part is the personal production of garments by the students.
All type of clothing will be discussed in the classroom from casual, elegant or classic style to avant-guarde.

The program

  • Contemporary art history I
  • Fashion illustration
  • Textile technology
  • Computer graphic
  • Pattern making
  • Fashion design
  • Iconography and anatomical drawing
  • *Elements of information technology
  • *Law, legislation and economics of show business
  • The history of contemporary art
  • History of fashion
  • Fashion design II
  • Latest trend in Visual Art
  • Photography
  • Layout and Visualization Techniques
  • Costume design for the Performing Art
  • Foreign language (Italian)
  • Theory of perception and psychology of form
  • Theory and methods of mass media
  • Theory and methods of mass media
  • Fashion design III
  • Accessories design
  • Textile design
  • Fashion trends
  • Elements of cultural marketing
  • Aesthetics
  • Fashion publishing
  • Workshop and participation in academic events
  • Final exam


Foreign students may replace the cultural subject with other subject on agreement with Academic Board compatible with time and with acquisition of 180 ECTS.



  • Organization and logistic support
  • Enrollment and accademic support
  • Visa support
  • Insurance coverage

Not Included

  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Transfers
  • Enrolment fees
  • Annual registration fee