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SSML Internazionale University Course in Language Mediation- Bachelor Course

SSML Internazionale University was founded by IPSEF, the Institute for the Promotion and Development of Education and Training, in agreement with the Online University Giustino Fortunato. The main aim is to provide students with advanced language skills, also from the translation point...

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Fashion Design

The academic course in Fashion Design is the intensive route into the world of fashion. Creativity and a high school diploma are required to enter. The course is available in Italian and English, with classes of a maximum of 24 students, and...

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Campus Principe di Napoli_Enogastronomy and Tourism

Campus Principe di Napoli is located in Agerola, one of the enchanting pearls of the Amalfi Coast. The Campus organises guided tours and excursions and provides guests and students with the best local guides for an immersion experience in nature. With 40...

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Italian Courses – Leonardo Da Vinci

THE SCHOOL Schools are located in the most important cities of Italy. You can choose to study in Rome, Milan, Florence or Siena. School offer a wide range of high-quality Italian language courses, conceived for any level: from beginners to Italian teachers...

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Italian Courses – Dilit – Rome

THE SCHOOL Established in 1974 and officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education, this school was one of the first language schools in Italy to teach Italian as a Foreign Language and has established itself as one of the most prestigious...

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Tourism – Food And Beverage Professional Courses

Duration: 4 weeks - Accommodation and internship at “ Resort Sant’Angelo” , Pimonte. - First week frontal lessons to follow three of training in the chosen area. LOCATION Full immersed in the Monti Lattari, 900 meters above sea level, the Sant’Angelo Resort...

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