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The academic course in Fashion Design is the intensive route into the world of fashion. Creativity and a high school diploma are required to enter. The course is available in Italian and English, with classes of a maximum of 24 students, and is recognised by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research at the Naples and Milan sites.

With the academic course in Fashion Design you will develop the necessary skills to follow the entire course of a collection, from styling to modelling, you will be able to create a collection and carry out photo shoots. You will be able to set up and manage a business, learn about the entire fashion market, manage customer relations or manage major fashion events.

Your course of study
The study plans are drawn up by the teachers to create a pathway in which each course complements the knowledge of the other, creating a unique flow of integrated skills.

Year 1
In the first year of the course you will acquire basic skills, through lectures and practical workshops.

Total CFA 60
CFA subjects
Modelling I 10
Styles, History of Art and Costume I 6
Fashion Design I 10
Culture of Fashion Materials 6
Processing Techniques for Costume 6
Tailoring Techniques for Costume I 8
Fundamentals of Cultural Marketing 6
Fundamentals of Informatics 4
English 4
II Year
You will study the subjects in depth through workshops and projects, and begin to understand how to communicate your product.

Total CFA 60
CFA subjects
Technical and Design Drawing 12
Styles, History of Art and Costume II 6
Fashion Design II 10
Graphic Design 8
Tailoring Techniques for Costume II 12
Design Management 4
Anthropology of Complex Societies 4
AF of your choice 4

Year III
You will be able to specialise and add elective activities to create a course that is even closer to your own inclinations.

Total CFA 60
CFA subjects
Modelling II 10
History of Costume 6
Fashion Design III 10
Advertising Communication 8
Digital Modelling Techniques 8
AF of choice 6
Additional language, computer or relational skills, internships, etc. 4
Final Examination 8

The future after the Academy
At the end of your course, you will be a highly specialised professional, able to follow and implement all the stages of conception, creation and promotion of your collection.

The Academy’s comprehensive training will allow you to work as a model maker in fashion houses, pursue a career as a fashion designer or open your own business. Every year we select the best projects for the final exam. They have just graduated, but they are hungry and have potential: these are the portfolios of the Fashion Design students.


  • Tools and equipment
  • Organization and logistic support
  • Visa support
  • Insurance coverage

Not Included

  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Enrollment fees
  • Annual registration fee