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Contemporary Jewelry design

Campus: Rome – Duration: 250 hours- Language: Italian/English

The designer of contemporary jewels is a professionalist who works in a team or individually as a modern artisan. He will need to have the ability of modern technologies as Tri-dimensional modelling (CAD), 3D printing and management of automated workflows (CAM) of course, with the support of goldsmiths and professional artisan, the student will learn to give importance to the materials and achieving those manual skills necessary to design and produce jewellery. Main Subject: History and sociology of fashion and Jewellery – History of contemporary art – Materials and technology – Design – Free hand drawing–Technical drawing and planning – Jewelry design laboratory – Marketing – Computer graphic design and 3D printing

Fashion Photography

Campus: Rome – Duration: 250 hours- Language: Italian/English

Through the professional course in fashion photography student will learn how set-up a location for a photo-shoot, select all details of materials and colors, manage the post-production of the shots. Students will also develop skills in the digital post-production of image and a portfolio (digital and printed) which is fundamental for demonstrating all the professional skills.
Main Subject: Cinema’s history – Photography direction – Fashion photography – Art direction – Photoshop

Video & sound production

Campus: Rome – Duration: 250 hours- Language: Italian/English

This course has as its main objective the creation of a professional able to manage all aspect related to the creation and editing of a high-quality video product.
The course will address the main themes of cinematographic language up to the development of an audio track.
Thanks to this course students will be able to work both in a team or individually, capable of personally executing and managing all the stages in the realization of film and video
Main subject: History of cinema – Photography direction – Video editing – Art direction – Sound design

Graphic design

Campus: Rome – Duration: 250 hours- Language: Italian/English

This course is focused on the innovation program, which provide the theoretical and practical knowledge for creating and managing the corporate image of a brand and for creating logos and artistic graphics.
During the course, visual communication project will be proposed, and they will be based on layouts, graphics creations illustration and image editing.
Main subject: Life drawing – Elements of photography (basic) – graphic design – Photo editing – History of contemporary art.


Campus: Rome – Duration: 250 hours- Language: Italian/English

This course has as its main objective the formation of a professional figure that will cover the role of coordinator during the fashion show, video and photo shooting. Student will learn how to understand the soul of the “fashion concept” of a brand and enchancing through his knowledge of the company’s image
During the course students have the opportunity to collaborate with other academy department utilizing for example the photography studio to directly following the fashion show and photo-shooting.
Main subject: Trends research – Art direction I/II – History of Fashion – graphic Design – Publishing – Elements of Photography – Styling




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