The internationalisation project Italian Training Services (ITS), developed by Ganimede Viaggi, has been realised with the support of public contributions,  managed by local institution of Campania Region. The public support is oriented to improve the small and medium side companies to push them toward the international market and make their excellences, which are part of the Made in Italy, visible to foreign partners.

ITS aims to offer a wide range of training opportunities to foreigners, young and professional, who want to improve their knowledge in the sectors in which Italy excels, from fashion to sport, from design to music, from engines to food and wine.

ITS aims to create a new concept of field learning focused on some excellence products of Made in Italy, going from design, modeling, cooking to master and art course, with dailylife experience to be lived all over the country. 

This formula is primarily aimed at foreign young people, students and professionals who are looking for short or long term highly specialized training experiences to be carried out directly in places and realities of Italy which are famous all over the world for their local productions.