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Professional diploma

Campus: Rome or Florence – Language: Italian/English

All these courses are dedicated to students who can’t attend 3-years degrees program.
Through a combination of short preparatory course, the student at the end of program has the option to enter directly into
the working market or continue in order to obtain the European Bachelor.

Interior Design (Rome)

This course offers the possibility to acquire professional competence in the specific field. Today the interior designer must be flexible and able to adapt to the continuous demands of changing style and trends
Subject: Architectural design and survey – Free-hand sketching
Analysis of styles – Interior planning – Technology of building materials – Intro CAD

Fashion Design (Rome)

The Program of this course includes the development of projects and the study of fashion trends within the Fashion System.
Foreign students must be able to speak Italian and English
Subject: Fashion illustration I/II – Collection I/II – Textile technology – Marketing

Design of Retail Spaces (Florence)

This course provides the students with technical and creative training in interior design.
Students will be ready to enter in the working market joining design companies, architectural studios or starting their own activities.
Subject: Architectural design and survey – Free hand drawing – Display design – Marketing – Intro CAD –
Interior planning – Cinema 4D – visual communication – Technology of materials

Fashion Merchandising (Florence)

In this program, the students will be able to cultivate the development of his own natural talents and learn how to design and create a collection for the fashion system.
Foreign students must be able to speak Italian and English
Subject: Fashion illustration I/II – Collection I/II – Marketing – Textile technology – Display design – CAD–Visual communication

Windows display design

Campus: Florence – Duration: 1 year – Language: Italian/English

This course will allow you to become a professional that is always highly requested on the job market. The window designer has to possess creativity, specific technical requirement, sensitivity to colour and form, have high skills in the use of communication-s instrument The course is composed by 3 steps: starting from an idea; the beginning to formulate a project; practical verification. The best projects will decor of a real store in the city center of Florence.
The Main Subject: window display – drawing techniques – Visual merchandising–Computer design – Decorative elements – Graphic techniques – Marketing and trends – Photography




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