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Master Requirement – Campus: Florence – Language: Italian/English – Duration: : 1 year

These masters are directed to:
• Students who have already completed one of the bachelor’s degree course of the Academy
• Students who have already completed degrees studies or received a diploma in their own country
• Professionals with proven experience in the specific area

Fashion as Art

This course aims to give potential to the creative capacities and the professional promise of the students through contact with designers and industries in the field
Two groups of subjects are the focal point of the course: cultural subject and technical/practical subject. Along with these, there are also seminars visits, participation in fashion show and at the end of the program, students will present their final thesis together with a personal creation to the public.
Subject: fashion trends – Clothing design – clothing laboratory–knitwear design – Psychology of fashion – Great names in fashion – Portfolio preparation.
Master thesis and final show: thesis will be prepared during the second half of the course. They will consist in the research of a particular topic and preparation of portfolio of collection. The collection will be shown to the public in a fashion show, in front of guest from the fashion industry and the press. Often collections are to be featured on TV programs in Italy and abroad.

Interior and Product Design (Innovative and Experimental Design)

This master course dedicated to innovation of the interior design field.
The interior design project includes living spaces, urban design and commercial spaces.
The modern designer is required to connect Hi-tech with creation of friendly space, technology and personalization of environment.
This course will give students the correct knowledge to satisfy the contradiction of the market. Moreover, students develop a perception of changes that are occure in the market through reading and interpretation of the signs and signals that anticipate new trends
Subject: New trends in domestic spaces and commercial spaces – Urban design – furniture and product design – Model building laboratory – CAD – new technologies and new materials – Great names in design – updating and special seminars
Configuration of Courses: the course is formed by theory and technical subject and design laborites, model building laboratory and seminars completed by encounters with experts in the field of design, industry and culture.




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