Tour overview

Duration: 4 weeks – Accommodation and internship at “ Resort Sant’Angelo” , Pimonte. – First week frontal lessons to follow three of training in the chosen area.


Full immersed in the Monti Lattari, 900 meters above sea level, the Sant’Angelo Resort & SPA: A plate for from the half way between the Amalfi Coast and Sorrentino Peninsula.
Ideal location to enjoy both scenery and nature , the Resort is easily reached and offers an excellent views of the Vesuvius ,The castle of Lettere and the Gulf of Naples.
The strategic location of the hotel allows you to explore a territory rich in history and culture both of Amalfi and Sorrento, articulated through the small villages and natural paths at the same time to enjoy the cristal sea only a few miles away.
Working in a hotel means knowing the business organization (Functions, rule, structure, roles etc) and deepen the knowledge of an industry.
Today’s students and future works of tomorrow they can improve the technical knowledge, operational skills, the specific methods of a profile, of a professional area, integrating theory and practice in a specific productional context. In addition learn responsibility for the tasks and organization relate to other, negotiate and to cooperate working in a group.
Our intervention draws momentum from the will to pursue the aim clearly identifiable and especially measurable, starting from what are the training requirements that are the planning of a stage, which is determined to satisfy:

• Acquire an aptitude and attitudes to young people’s orientation for various areas of professional work.
• Learn operational skills related to the performance of specific work roles.
• Acquire and develop an internal technical-professional know-how of production contexts:
• Develop relation, communication and organizational skills, necessary for effective integration into the workplace.
• Supporting the young in the transition to work, aimed at building projects
• Promoting specialization in the work place:
• Identifying all those actions that can be considered as good practice, such as quality elements, but also as critical elements in the meeting between the world of school and work.
• Directing trainees in choosing their career path to professional growth.
• Encouraging the effective use of supplementary experiences in the company within the path training
• Benefit from innovative ways of proving the skills you have acquired and/or certification and recognition of training credits.


• How to recognize the reception in the accommodation is declined
• Use processing techniques and management tools in the reception services tourist alberphiera.
• Know how to apply front desk and back desk operational techniques.
• Learn the techniques of managing bookings, other towards the use of the information system adopted by the company , including the registration of people compiling registers and forms related to privacy.
• Manage receipts and invoicing issues tax receipts, management (Cash, checks, bank, travelers cheques , credit card, ATMs) passing information to others departments, floors, kitchen, restaurant, bar.
• Check available receptive, booking registration, motion control and both in arriving to the departure of the guest
• Assignment of the rooms and trying to satisfy the guest’s requests.
• Check daily seat availability compared to the previous day, plan arrival of new guest and any imprompt booking that may arrive at the same day, booking that may arrive electronically or to take care of the bookings correspondence.
• Developing skills aimed at identifying the needs of the tourist and the production and management of goods and services that meet these needs.
• Troubleshoot unexpected situations.
• Working in a group, also depending on the respect of the roles and of the company functions.


• Plan and prepare different events (Dinners, competitions, business lunches/dinners, coffee breaks, wedding lunches/dinners)
• Adapting the production and the sales to the services of hospitality and hospitality services in relation to markets and customers’ demands.
• Integrate customer oriented and language oriented professional skills using the communication and relationship techniques to optimize quality of service and coordination with colleagues
• Communicating with customers , understanding their request and managing their needs
• Understand the promotion and marketing dynamics of promotion and marketing .
• Gaining expertise in utilizing marketing and web tools:
• Learn the advanced use of relational marketing systems and social media marketing.
• Learn the techniques of space layout by serves type: anesdo techniques , set up and putting in place of the room: service techniques for complex menus, communication and relationship to optimize the quality of the service.
• Know the main techniques and equipment used in the room and their operation; Troubleshoot unexpected situations and issues.


Partner: Ganimede Viaggi


  • Accomodations
  • Meals
  • Insurance coverage
  • Frontal lessons with experts
  • Visa support
  • Organization and logistic support

Not Included

  • Professional Uniform
  • Transfers