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The specialized course in “Meatballs & Meat rolls” organized with the High Patronage of the APCI (Italian Professional Chefs Association) and held by Executive Chef, aims to teach the professional techniques and methodologies for the preparation and the presentation of one of the most popular dishes in the Italian popular cuisine, usually served as a second course. Targeted to Chefs, Kitchen staff, Operators of fast food, takeaways, Restaurants, as well as to students that have attended the training courses of Chef of 1st and 2nd level, the course will present the different techniques of dough, stuffing and cooking meatballs according to the recipes of the various Italian regional craft traditions (cooking stewed, baked, fried, grilled …), as well as the processing of the meat loaf (as a variant of dumpling in one piece).
The course in “Meatballs & Meat Rolls”, is divided into 5 classes of three hours for a total of 15 hours of practical training, divided on the following issues: traditional meatballs and meatloaf, meatballs and boiled regional preparations, meat loaf and meatballs stuffed, meatballs and meatloaf with fish, with shellfish and with vegetables and a last lesson on the finger meatballs and the meatballs made with ethnic recipes. The raw materials that will be processed during the course, will be red and white meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables and legumes, eggs, cheese. The raw materials that will be processed during the course, will be red and white meat, fish, shellfish, vegetables and legumes, eggs, cheese, ham, sausage, breadcrumbs, flour with the addition of various ingredients, such as herbs and spices. The course will permit to create, according to the classical tradition recipes, but also through the personal creativity, a wide variety of meatballs and meatloaf to be consumed as “unique dishes”, as main courses, as delicious finger food or as original cocktails.


• Traditional Meatballs and Meatloaf
Neapolitan meatballs (beef, veal, pork) with noodles
Meatloaf stew stuffed (beef)
Meatloaf on the network (beef, pork) Pork meatballs with peas
• Boiled meat balls and regional preparations Picchiapò meatloaf
Boiled meatballs “alla romana” (beef, veal, chicken)
Meatballs at “the Giudia” (beef)
Meatloaf in savoy cabbage (beef)
• Stuffed Meatloaf and meatballs
Meatballs (hamburgers) aromatic (beef and sausage)
Chicken nuggets and veal nuggets with lemon or curry Salad and sweet and sour meatballs; Beef meatloaf stuffed with white meat (chicken) and pistachio
• Meatballs and meatloaf with fish, shellfish and vegetables
Meatballs with Portuguese saltcod; Veggie burger (lentils) Tuna Meatloaf ; Calabrese eggplant Meatballs; White fish balls with with shrimp sauce
• Meatballs finger and ethnic recipes
Acras shrimp; Kofta veal; Chicken Croccole with spicy Mexican sauce
Jordanian stuffed buns (mutton)


Partner: ANPA



  • Professional certificate
  • Teaching materials
  • Insurance coverage
  • Simultaneous translation service
  • Visa support

Not Included

  • Accomodation
  • Meals
  • Transfers
  • Professional uniform