Tour overview

The course is open to maitre and sommelier of catering companies hotels and other types, chef, food & beverage managers, producers and representatives of wineries, caterers and amateur public who have already acquired a qualification of Sommelier of the first level and intend to deepen their knowledge and improve their curriculum for the benefit of the performance of their professional future. The course aims to provide the theoretical and practical know-how to perform in a more professional activity of professional Sommelier.


  • Champagne and its region
  • Techniques of tasting the food: the taste-olfactory examination, the flavor, the trend bitter, the acidic tendency, the sweetness, the sweet tendency, the fatness, the succulent, the spice, the aroma, the taste-olfactory, structure, balance, harmony
  • Techniques of food / wine: the “opposition” and “consistency”
  • Eggs and sauces: roux and funds, marinades, dressing, appetizers, matching techniques eggs / wine
  • The extra virgin olive oil: production, classification DOP and IGP, tasting techniques
  • Preparation of a plate to the lamp and matching techniques best suited to wine
  • Balsamic vinegar, herbs and spices pasta, rice and cereals: classification PDO, PGI, TSG and matching techniques to wine
  • The products of the land: vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, truffles and wine matching techniques
  • The fish, crustaceans and molluscs; cooking techniques and wine pairing
  • Meat: Classification, categories, quality, cooking and matching techniques
  • The meats and sausages: matching techniques to wine
  • The cheese and curd: classification DOP and IGP, aging, cutting and matching techniques
  • The confectionery products: matching techniques to wine
  • Cocoa and chocolate: classification, types and matching techniques
  • The distillates: analysis of the main national and foreign spirits, geographies and tasting techniques
  • The beer types and producing countries, regions and tasting techniques
  • Coffee and tea: classification and tasting techniques.


Partner: ANPA


  • Professional certificate
  • Teaching materials
  • Insurance coverage
  • Simultaneous translation service
  • Organization and logistic support
  • Visa support

Not Included

  • Accomodation
  • Meals (light lunch included)
  • Transfers
  • Professional uniform