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3-years Bachelor’s degree — Campus: Florence — Language: Italian/English

The course

The School doesn’t only teach the secrets of the trade, but also helps the students develop a personal working method over the three years. “What is a jewel if not a concrete dream?”
This course is the only one in Italy that is offered at university level and gives you an opportunity to learn a manual and ancient profession work. The course is developed in two steps. The fist, concentrated on theoretical and artistic. The second, students are pushed toward the contact with material, techniques and technologies that are supported and stimulated to creativity.
The student thus is able to undertake an ancient craft with a contemporary vision and able to operate at an international level.

The program

  • The history of contemporary art
  • Project design methodology
  • Technology of materials
  • Computer graphics
  • Model building
  • Jewellery design I
  • Iconography and anatomical drawing
  • Serigraphy
  • *Law, legislation and economics of show business
  • *Elements of information technology
  • The history of contemporary art II
  • History of fashion
  • Jewelry design II
  • Latest trends in the visual art
  • Photography
  • Layout and visualization techniques
  • Costume design
  • Elective course (6 credits)
  • *Foreign language
  • *Aesthetics
  • *Theory of perception and psychology forms
  • Theory and methods of mass media
  • Jewellery design III
  • Accessories design
  • Fashion trends
  • Textile design
  • Fashion publishing
  • Elements of cultural marketing
  • Workshops and participation in academy events
  • Elective course (6 credits)
  • *Aesthetics
  • *Theory of perception and psychology forms

*Foreign students may replace the cultural subject with other subject on agreement with Academic Board compatible with time and with acquisition of 180 ECTS.



  • Organization and logistic support
  • Регистрация и академическая поддержка
  • визовая поддержка
  • Страховая защита

Not Included

  • Аккомодации
  • Питание
  • Переводы
  • Регистрационные сборы
  • Ежегодный регистрационный взнос